Your Circulation and Cigarette Smoking Do Not Mix


Today, cigarette smoking is the top preventable cause of death in the country. This is a very popular condition that smoking leads to the disease of the lung tissue (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.) It is, also, correlated with a lot of different types of cancers. For a fact, smoking results to disease of the arteries, which are the blood vessels that deliver oxygenated blood to all of the organs in the body. During the time, the arteries degenerate or form a significant plaque due to smoking, which is a process known as atherosclerosis, it can lead to death, stroke, aneurysm, limb loss, erectile dysfunction, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or heart attack. To stop smoking is vital to protecting one’s overall wellbeing. It prevents the degeneration of the arteries and avoid these problems from taking place. In recovery, there are a lot of tools to help patients, visit https//

Found in a cigarette are over 4,000 chemicals, wherein the hundreds are toxic and greater than 70 that leads to cancer. For a fact, nicotine is an element in cigarettes that results to addiction. It is, actually, a stimulant that makes the heart to beat faster, gain more blood pressure and makes the arteries to narrow down or be thinner. Furthermore, nicotine leads to the release of fat and cholesterol into the blood flow, which in turn results to the hardening of the arteries. In studies, it was found out that nicotine dependence is the most known form of chemical dependence in the country.

Smoking can result to a stroke in some ways. To take note, it can make the main arteries (which are supplying the brain) and the carotid arteries to have a buildup of plaque. When the level of plaque adds on, there is a good chance of suffering from a stroke. This condition can result to death, inability to walk, loss of speech or paralysis.

In our body, the arteries deliver blood, which bears the oxygen, going to the muscles and tissue in parts of the body. In this lieu, smoking can result to PAD by cutting down the adequate blood supply to the limbs, which may result to leg pain with possibly amputation, gangrene and walking. For a fact, smokers are more likely to suffer from PAD compared to the nonsmokers.

Also, smoking is believed to affect the sexual health, because it can harm and thin out the arteries that deliver blood to the penis. This will result to erectile dysfunction. For a fact, there can be no erection during the time there is not enough blood flow to the penis to have an erection.

Aneurysms takes place when walls of the arteries become poor, which entitles the expansion or bulging of the walls of the arteries. Such may result to a ruptured artery and internal bleeding. A life threatening condition for smokers. In studies, it was found out that smokers are more prone to having aneurysms compared to nonsmokers. Wherein, a continued smoking can make the aneurysms to grow and expand.

Because studies have found out that nicotine can be addictive, quitting smoking can be difficult, just like taking alcohol, cocaine or heroin. Several attempts may take place if you decide on quitting smoking prior to achieving success. The causes for a smoker to fail in attempt of stopping smoking can be uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal (like anxiety, irritability and increased appetite), weight gain and personal stress.


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