Washing Machine Technologies to make Clothes Cleaning Fun


Washing machines are an integral household need. Be it the tough ink stain or a prolonged stain not going off; you need a washing machine to clean them all. Just like technological innovations in other products, washing machines are not behind. 

Yes, modern-day washers are now armed with advanced and useful features and functionalities to ease washing chores. Right from semi-automatic to fully automatic, from front loaders to top loaders, there has been much improvement in the washing machine technology. 

The latest products from leading brands are not just capable of cleaning bed sheets, garments from the tough stains but even smart to keep them soft and fresh for long. 

Let’s discuss some leading washing machine technologies that have taken the market by storm. 

Double up your load with Flexwash, TwinWash and more features 

  1. Flexwash 

Flexwash is undoubtedly the most revolutionary washing machine design. It is a hybrid design that lets you use both – front and top load in the same machine. Washing machines with Flexwash feature comes with a vast 21 Kg capacity. It is also complemented by top loader with a small size of 3.5 Kg. 

Hence, you can use the front loader of such a washing machine to wash heavy laundry items like curtains and blankets. On the other hand, you can utilize a top loader for a light load such as lingerie, socks and more. 

You may experience the Flexwash technology in a Samsung washing machine. 

  1. TwinWash 

TwinWash is another path-breaking washing machine technology that you will see in your new range of washers. TwinWash comes with two different drums for washing. One is the main wash drum which is accompanied by its mini version placed below it. 

The main drum comes with a massive 20 Kg capacity. It can be used for washing heavily soiled clothes. The mini section below it is for fragile materials like a scarf, inner garments and more. 

LG is one of the leaders in home appliances in India, and you can find the TwinWash technology in its new line of washing machines. 

  1. EcoBubble technology 

Many leading washing machine manufacturing companies such as IFB and Samsung are now also using the power of bubbles to wash clothes without fabric damage. It is a known fact that Indian customers use cold water for washing clothes, the EcoBubble technology was brought to achieve powerful wash even with cold water. 

The concept of this technology is that it converts the particles of the detergent into bubbles, which get inflated around the clothes and goes inside the fabric. Hence, it leads to the removal of adamant stains quickly. 

  1. O2 wash technology 

O2 wash is another technology under which a washer generates millions of air bubbles penetrating the fabric to remove obstinate dirt.        

  1. Washing machines with built-in heaters 

Nowadays, you can also see a premium range of washing machines coming with automatic temperature control and heaters with the help attached sensors. Front loaders from leading brands come with ceramic heaters to prevent the build-up of tough calcium compound. 

Calcium build-up is ineffective against ceramic heaters because of its quick-heating capacity. It also reduces straining of the washing machine and brings down the energy consumption. The in-built heater has a capacity of heating water up to 60 degrees leading to the removal of even the toughest of the stains. 

  1. Digital inverter technology 

The digital inverter technology adjusts the speed of the motor as per the load. The motor moves at an optimum speed based on the detection of the load in a machine by this technology. 

Some of the latest washing machine technologies that are now available to make your washing chores fun and simple are discussed. You can consider your needs and accordingly bring an LG washing machine, Haier washing machine and more. 

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