Top 5 Best Tablet For Taking Handwritten Notes

Tablet For Taking Handwritten Notes

Having a high tech tablet can be a really amazing thing but the size of tablet is to big and there are more and more new and powerful mobile phones coming in the market that people prefer buying mobile phones because of their portability and power that is processor and ram.

But then there comes people who like drawing and want to use tablets just for taking notes but are not willing to spend fortune on just for taking notes, for them tablets are more than enough so paper tablets is perfect for them 

What are digital paper tablet or digital notebook

Paper tablets OR digital notebook are basically replacement of paper and printed notes, you can save your digital notes on google drive or any other storage, they have clear and paper like displays that is less harmful to eyes then other tablets and monitor screen.

Some of the paper tablets have clear paper like displays that are exactly like paper and you can take notes through pen, their built is stronger and are more handy then the normal regular tablets, they have longer battery life, they are more famous in between people who love art and drawing but are also being widely used by students for taking notes and as because of tablets they have no need of carrying heavy books  

Benefits of digital notebook tablets over regular tablets not

  1. They are more portable 
  2. They are easy on eyes as they are not having led or lcd displays 
  3. Easy to carry, light weight and portable
  4. They have surface that feels like paper
  5. High resolution display at cheap price
  6. You can carry it easily as they are lightweight and portable 
  7. E paper have good battery life and are easy to charge

Best digital papers or digital notebooks available in market

There are many e tablets available in market to choose from, here we have chosen some of the best budget choice that you can use it yourself or gift to kids 

Sony DPT-RP1/B 13 inch digital paper, E -ink

  1. It is worlds most thinnest e- ink and is as thin as 30 sheet of papers 
  2. It provides features like erasing and writing just like paper
  3. it has a high resolution display that is easy on eyes
  4. you can connect it to your computer through WiFi and Bluetooth  
  5. 16 gb of internal storage is provided and has otg support
  6. light weight means easy to carry and very handy

reMarkable 13 inch - the Paper Tablet

  1. It has Ultra Low Latency that means high response time 
  2. 13 inch ultra high resolution display
  3. Good battery backup and WiFi connectivity 
  4. Easy to carry and ultra thin and comes with a stylus 
  5. anti glare touchscreen display 

iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil Paper Graphic Tablet

  1. This is an affordable option when it comes to dogital papers
  2. its can be used with any pen or pencil and gives you digital powers when it comes to taking notes 
  3. Graphic tablet mode can be used for drawing and creating unique graphics 
  4. Share your content on social media with its internet connectivity 
  5. Perfect for kids because of its unique features and affordable price 


BOOX Nova Pro 7.8 E-Reader,

  1. This e tablet is also an affordable option and is user friendly
  2. Has Flushed glass-based screen that is high resolution
  3. has Both electromagnetic and capacitive touch both so that you can use any stylus with it 
  4. Quad core processor with 2 gb of ram are available for high performance


Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook

  1. It is made from high quality material that is very durable 
  2. Turn your ideas digital with paper like digital notebook
  3. Optional upgrade of converting your work into rich text is also available 
  4. Very affordable and can be used for taking notes and drawing 


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