Huggaroo Makes it Easy to Buy Weighted Blanket Items of the Highest Quality


These days, weighted blankets are just about everywhere, and for good reason. They’re extra cozy and perfect for snuggling up in after a long day, but they can also help soothe insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and many other mental issues that we struggle with in the modern era. When you’ve got a product that can calm restless minds at bedtime and stop panic attacks in their tracks, it’s no wonder it’s become so mainstream. Just search Buy Weighted Blanket online and you’ll find hundreds of hits, from little specialty shops you’ve never heard of to big-name department stores you’d usually turn to for groceries or new clothes. So, where’s the right place to go when you’re ready to try out a weighted blanket for yourself?

In order to find the right weighted blanket for you, it’s important to think about quality. As with any popular new product, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon, and some are less considerate than others.

The best place to turn for top quality weighted blankets is the brand trusted by Organic Spa Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and Women’s Health: Huggaroo. Founded by perfectionists, all of Huggaroo’s beautiful products are made with the utmost care and highest quality materials available. Plus, when you buy weighted blanket products from Huggaroo, as well as any of their other fine health and wellness products, every item in your order is backed by a full year manufacturer warranty. If your Huggaroo weighted blanket ever exhibits some sort of manufacturing flaw in the first year of use, Huggaroo will repair or completely replace your blanket free of charge! That’s not the sort of promise that’s made unless a company is confident in the quality of their product, and it’s one of the things that makes Huggaroo blankets the best on the market.

The second reason we love Huggaroo weighted blankets is the quality and care put into their design. Today Huggaroo offers three different models of weighted blankets to cover a full range of uses. The standard adult sized weighted blanket is available to fit full, queen, and king-sized beds, with an extra fluffy version available for anyone who loves to snuggle up in those chilly winter months. Meanwhile, for those of us who live in warmer climates and anyone who needs a little comfort in the summer heat, the Huggaroo Cooling Weighted Blanket (15 lbs, 80 x 60 inches, Slate Grey) made of bamboo-derived rayon fabric provides the same great relief without trapping in heat. All of these adult-sized blankets pack a comforting 15 pounds of weight into several sewn-in pockets spread all across the inner quilt. This design locks the weight into place and ensures even distribution all night long.

Finally, Huggaroo also offers a smaller child-sized weighted blanket for bedtime fighters and anxious children who need a little help sleeping the full night through. Much like its adult-sized counterparts, the Huggaroo 7 lbs Soft Chenille Weighted Blanket for Children features an extra soft and cozy outer quilt made of fluffy chenille fabric which children love to snuggle in. The blanket fits twin, twin XL, and full-sized beds easily, making it perfect for children over the age of 3 who weigh between 30 and 90 pounds. The 7 pounds of weight spread out across this blanket are also locked in place, with the added bonus for parents being that this blanket comes in one single, machine washable piece!

With their careful attention to detail, intelligent designs, and loving craftsmanship, Huggaroo blankets are truly a cut above the rest. Log on to to get your own weighted blanket today, and see for yourself what it means when a company puts quality and customer satisfaction first.


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