How to treat muscle pull after playing sports

Muscle Pull after workout

To reduce muscle pain after sports, we can insert cold and hot showers that will help us to relax and reduce inflammation, as well as avoiding injuries. After doing sports we can experience muscle pain. This is because the body releases toxins and lactic acid that accumulate in the muscles. This sensation is known as myalgia or delayed muscle pain since it begins after at least 12 hours of having performed the exercise.

This discomfort usually disappears about 72 hours later. It is common to appear when you have not exercised for a long time. As soon as your body gets used to it, the pains disappear.

Use the following tricks to treat muscle pull after playing sports   

  1. Bath to relax the muscles

You can opt for warm or cold water to take a bath after a hard workout. This is the fastest option to reduce the pain caused by playing sports.

 Warm water

A shower with hot water or 10 minutes of a sauna can help you relax and reduce inflammation of the muscles. The heat will help improve blood circulation in the striated muscle, thus contributing to the faster elimination of toxins. Additionally, you can place magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts in a bathtub. Immerse for 20 minutes to reduce muscle inflammation.

Cold water

You must bear in mind that the shower should be made by inserting cold and warm. Perform 1-minute intervals of cold water and 2 minutes with hot water.

  • With the cold water, you deflate the muscles. Hot water helps improve circulation at the muscular level.
  • With both temperatures, you avoid the formation of bruises and it also works as a treatment for sprains and injuries.
  1. Massages

The Physiotherapy in Etobicoke can help reduce stress and muscle pain that appears after sport. Professional athletes take massage sessions regularly due to the grueling routine of daily exercises to stay in shape.

You can ask a relative to massage your aching muscles. You can also use a foam roller or a portable electric massager whenever you perform the massage in a delicate way without making the muscle suffer from sudden or too strong movements.

However, ideally, you should go to a professional masseuse to help you treat the pain.

  1. Let your muscles rest

The best way to combat muscle pain is to let your body rest for a day or two. During this period it is important that you do not stop exercising completely. Instead, limit yourself to simple exercises such as stretching or a small walk.

Then, it’s a good idea to follow a simple routine that does not take you to the extreme limit. Remember that it is better to start with a basic exercise and to increase speed and rhythm as your body adapts.

  1. Take cherry juice

Another option to reduce muscle pain after sports, and even avoid it, is by drinking cherry juice. This drink is very healthy and rich in antioxidants that reduce and prevent inflammation. Make sure the juice you consume is natural and never drink more than one cup or glass of cherry juice a day.


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