How to install WordPress Plugins on your new website ?

How To install wordpress plugin

Plug-in is a special type of computer component which is enumerated a specific feature to a computer program such as web-browsers.

WordPress is an open source website builder that also facilitate plug-ins. These plugins provide perpetual functionality to WordPress and you can even add some cool features using these plugins, but Adding of these plug-ins depends upon your niche. Every plug-in has some specific feature which increases the functionality of a particular task. There are also some plugins which have a universal concern such as speed, SEO, security, etc. While working on WordPress you can ignore these basic niches. There are also lots of SEO plugins which gives fascinating merits. How To install wordpress plugin works for providing good traffic to your website. These plugins give you an opportunity where you can easily create booking forms and email.


Some Of The Trending WordPress Plugins That You Must Have

Everest Forms

Everest Forms plugin

A contact page is one of the most crucial pages of your website. You need contact page for every website; no matter your website is small or big. You need a contact page where you can provide your address and other contacting information to the audience. The audience needs your contact page from where they reach you out. Everest Forms is a WordPress plugin which is used for creating contacts forms. With the help of Everest Forms, you can easily build creative contact forms. This plugin gives you a bundle of general fields with numerous advanced fields which can be drag and drop for creating forms.


jetpack plugin for wordpress

Jetpack is very identical to its name; it is one of the essential plugins for WordPress. It has a large number of exclusive features which are very influential for your website. Jetpack is like a Doraemon for the WordPress.  Jetpack does a lot of work for your website. It monitors the site security, traffic, growth, website appearance, image optimization and components of your website. Jetpack also gives enhanced distribution which automatically shares the published content to other services such as search engines which helps to increase the traffic on your website. Installing Jetpack is very convenient because you can easily access all features with just one tool.


akismet plugin

Akismet is a default plugin of WordPress which you will get with new WordPress core installation. Akismet is a type of anti-spam plugin. It monitors all your comments and drains out all spam comments.

It also gives you the status history of every comment from where you can judge how many and which type of spam comments you got.

Yoast SEO

Yoast seo for wordpress

Yoast SEO is well-known as the most familiar WordPress plugin which has oodles tools and features. You can easily change the title or meta description of the post with this SEO Yoast. It hides WLW and RSD from the head, generates sitemap, supports breadcrumbs, and it can also import settings from other plugins!

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap Setup

Google XML Sitemaps is a very pragmatic tool which automatically creates an XML sitemap for the website which makes indexing easy. This plugin enables the search engine bots for viewing the whole structure of the site which helps to retrieve the results accurately.


woocommerce plugin

If you have an online store website then WooCommerce is the must-have plugin for you. You can efficiently create a manageable online store with WooCommerce. It gives you numerous features which are vital for growing your website. You can create a website where you can easily sell products whether software, event tickets, etc. It also gives you protractile shipping and payment options.

 Here are the steps for installing plugins for WordPress:

  1. Login WordPress with your credentials
  2. Open the dashboard
  3. Search for Plugins
  4. Tap the Add New button
  5. Go to the Search Bar
  6. Enter the name of the plugin
  7. Tap the Search button
  8. Click on the install button
  9. After full installation, tap the Activate button

You can install numerous free as well as paid plugins in your WordPress such as User Registration, Nivo Slider, W3 Total Cache, VaultPress, etc for boosting up the appearance and performance of your website.


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