Every lover of photography must have a camera that allows him to have total control and freedom over the manual configuration of the parameters. In order to capture extraordinary moments at the right time. Before determining which DSLR camera to buy, it is essential that you know the different models, and brands that exist in the market, their attributes, what characteristics to take into account and their operating mechanism.

Do not you see it clear at all? Adjust the dioptre

One of the buttons that we pay less attention to is the adjustment of the dioptre. It is not usually played because normally it is not necessary. But it is convenient to know it and know what it is for. Since it can save us a silly visit to the technical service. The dioptre setting is mainly used to adjust the dioptre of the camera’s viewfinder and make sure that the focus we take with the camera in a photo results in a really focused and sharp photo. The dioptre setting is a small wheel shaped button normally located near the viewfinder. Sometimes we touch it accidentally, and without realizing it, we can damage the dioptric adjustment.

Colour space

We will not go into complicated technical explanations, but the colour space determines how wide or reduced the range of colours that the camera will be. There are several spaces of colours and each one has its advantages and its usefulness. Your camera will most likely come with sRGB as the default colour space. This is a good option if you are going to save or print your photographs without modifying them.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who do not settle for the result of the camera and you tend to retouch your photographs, add some contrast, enhance the colour and other adjustments. This colour space has a greater range of colours, provides a greater richness of colour and a more faithful image to reality. If you see the cool photographs of the Indian Destination Wedding Photographers, you will see that they give much attention to this point.

Noise reduction in high ISO

Your DSLR camera, sometimes, produces noise. It is something inevitable that happens to all of them. Your camera is aware of this and, if yours is modern, it will most likely offer you within its generous configuration menu the option of reducing noise from the camera itself. Once you have the option activated, whenever you take a photo, it will be the camera which itself automatically reduce that noise.

Avoid reflections when shooting from a glass

In relation to the previous one and, in any case, whenever you need to get best photo from your DSLR, you need to shoot through the glass of a window. You can reduce the reflections if you clean well the area of ​​the glass. You approach your objective to the maximum (even being in contact) and then it is already play with the angle or even cover the reflections with a dark surface.


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