How to Choose the Right Infotainment System for Your Car?


A car stereo is the central unit of a car infotainment system. Every new car comes with a company fitted infotainment system. However, it is also possible to install the stereo or infotainment system of your choice. Earlier the car stereo was only for listening to music and nothing else. Buy not the car infotainment systems are equipped with plenty of features.

Moreover, you can synchronize them with your smartphone to play the music right from your phone. The latest music systems also enable you to take and receive calls, read and reply text messages, and much more. So, there are many things that you need to consider while getting a music system for your car. Let us check some essential factors that we should check while buying a car audio system.

Smartphone integration

Most models of cars stereos come with a feature for smartphone integration. Most of them support Android Auto, while others also support Apple Carplay. If you want to make and receive calls and text messages through your music system, you need to check that the system has smartphone integration. Moreover, the integration of your car infotainment system with your phone enables you to use GPS and Google maps to find the routes to a destination.

Sound Quality

The quality of sound matters the most in a car audio system. Before selecting an audio or infotainment system for your car, you need to check its sound quality. Now some vendors don’t offer you to check the sound quality. You should never buy from such vendors unless you have tested that brand earlier. Some vendors play the music system while showing it to customers. You should buy only after listening to the sound quality when you are satisfied with the sound.

Also, check the bass and treble of the sound system as some music systems are designed for high bass and some for high treble. A balance of both is the best choice, but it all depends on your personal preference.

Multimedia support

The car audio systems are much advanced than their previous versions. While using the music system, users want to connect them with headphones, speakers, smartphones, and other devices. Therefore, the connectivity and compatibility of an audio system with other devices is highly essential. Check for the Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI connectivity ports. These connectivity options help users connect the system with multiple devices, that is what most users want from their car’s infotainment system.

GPS and Wi-Fi



To provide connectivity to internal networks and devices, infotainment systems include GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth modules. These modules assist set up facilities such as navigation, internet connectivity, and integration of smartphones with the infotainment system.

Cosmetic features

Aftermarket car stereos can enhance the appearance of the interior of your car with their high-tech displays and state-of-the-art layouts. Your choices include full-color animated screens, color schemes that can be customized, and touchscreen monitors that generally come with customizable colors and backgrounds. Check for the stereo with lights that flash to the beat if you want to increase the listening experience!

Additional functions

One of the obvious reasons for installing a new stereo is to increase the music playback and other capabilities of your system. Stereos on the aftermarket deliver sophisticated features, like:

  1. iPod and iPhone support
  2. MP3/WMA/AAC playback
  3. Satellite radio
  4. DVD playback
  5. GPS navigation
  6. Support for Android phones
  7. Bluetooth connectivity
  8. Support for Pandora Internet radio
  9. Vehicle support features

Infotainment systems support car functions such as help with parking and lighting (DRL) functions. In case of any obstacle in the route of the vehicle, Park Assistant notifies the driver and helps to keep a secure distance from the obstacle. The parking aid system is fitted with a rearview camera, and the camera’s video feed will only be displayed on the system screen when reverse gear is activated. If the car is driven in a dark place, the infotainment system can switch DRL (Daytime Running Lamps) on / off.

Control elements 

The modern car audio systems like JVC car stereos are not merely the stereos, but they offer more control than any other accessory in the car. They are the infotainment systems control most functionality in a car like steering wheel control and even accept voice commands. Therefore it is best to check all the features that a car infotainment system can control before installing it in your car. There are many blogs online that will help you do that online .

Final Words

These are the tips to choose the right car infotainment system for your car. One should check the smartphone integration, multimedia support, sound quality, GPS, navigation, and vehicle support features. As you consider replacing your inbuilt car stereo with an aftermarket infotainment system, you should focus on more features and high-quality brand. It is best to buy from a brand you trust and have used in the past.


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