How IoT is Bringing Innovation in Fridges

Smart Fridge
Smart Fridge

With so much innovation being introduced in technology, I think in the coming years everything that is considered to be some wild idea would be a reality. Having said that, who would’ve even thought that in the future, you would see everything completely programmed to work on its own. It is where the Internet of Things or IoT comes into play. For some of you who are wondering what is IoT? Well, it is a system, which integrates into devices or machines that helps to transfer data without any human-to-human or even computer-to-human interaction. A cutting-edge technology that has certainly changed how people use machines nowadays. Starting from a smartwatch to a smart TV and now a smart fridge, I’m sure no one has thought of their fridge being this smart, as it is with IoT. 

How IoT Integrated Innovation in a Refrigerator?

IoT has brought so much innovation in almost all the household appliances. Your door locks, cars, lights, watches, TV, air conditioners, refrigerators all are smart. And we just thought that only phones would be ‘smart’, right? Smart Fridges have been the latest edition to the entire portfolio of the IoT. With each passing day, you would find more and more smart fridges in the stores. Smart refrigerators come with a touchscreen interface that has the capability to connect with a WiFi connection and provides a list of great features that a normal fridge couldn’t. 

What is a Smart Fridge?

You get a fridge that comes with an inbuilt support for an internet connection. It has an internal camera integrated into the fridge along with flexible controls and the support for your smartphone or iPad through which you can control it from anywhere. The best feature about the smart fridge is that it gives you total control over it. You can be anywhere in the world and you will be able to increase the temperature of your fridge or decrease it by just a single tap. 

Now looking at the features of the smart fridge it wouldn’t be hard to guess that the price of a smart fridge will differ from a regular fridge price. The features and the innovation that can be seen in the smart fridge makes up for its higher price. However, there are variations in prices even for smart fridges, which are linked with the number of features it has. Some common features that include a touchscreen interface, in-built WiFi support can be found in any of the smart fridges. In fact, there are some smart fridges that also keep a lookout for the items that are being stored in a fridge and the count of the remaining stock. 

Features of a Smart Fridge

  • You can easily connect your fridge to your home network and integrate all your data with the devices. A smart fridge also works with a home assistant too. 
  • You can check all the items that you have stored in your fridge without having to open the door. The items can also be labeled to associate with the various factors like expiry dates or other reminders as well. 
  • You can add shopping items and create an entire shopping list by just voice commands or even by using the touchscreen present in your fridge. 
  • Your smart fridge also comes with an in-built browser on which you can easily browse the internet just like on your phone or iPad. 
  • You can easily watch videos on your fridge and know the recipe of the items that you are making 

The internal camera helps you to see the interior of your fridge on your phone without having to get up and search the refrigerator for items. 

Does a Smart Fridge Contribute to Better Health?

A smart fridge has all the features that are useful to keep a check on your health. One of the biggest factors is to know the expiry of your food items. Normally, when we are in a rush we just take the item out of the fridge and use it, without looking at the expiry. However, it wouldn’t be the case with a smart fridge and you would know the exact expiry date before taking the product out. 

The smart fridge also helps you to know the nutrients of your food items. When you will know how much nutrients your food is going to have then you can easily alter it with your diet. Moreover, if you like keeping a record of your calories then a smart fridge is a blessing. 

While a smart fridge comes with amazingly innovative features, it isn’t a cheap appliance. The list of features keeps on growing with different variants and if you want to have all those features, while being a big fan of IoT then a smart fridge is the right choice for you. The cutting edge technology has definitely blessed the smart fridge with capabilities that a regular fridge wouldn’t ever be able to have. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that with more innovation in IoT, we will surely see some exceptional features in a smart fridge, in the coming years. 


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