Ever think of a career in the flourishing domain?

If yes, then Digital marketing is one of the industries which are booming in all the sectors right now.

Digital marketing is a hot and trending domain these days. And in the coming days in India, all the work will be done through digital mediums.

Indian brands and organizations are investing a huge amount of their marketing budget in digital marketing.

The demand for digital marketers is increasing every day and it becomes the most-trending and best career option for the current generation.

Aspirants are looking for good opportunities to move into digital marketing. They are searching for the best institutes which offer Digital Marketing Course for students, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Therefore, digital marketing is not bound to any specific industry. It is a need for every business for making their online presence in a competitive world.

With this huge demand, it is estimated that there are 20 Lakhs digital marketing jobs by 2020.

This is a good indication for those who are struggling in their career and looking to do something exciting.

And today we have listed 9 big benefits of making Digital marketing Career in India.

1# In Demand Industry

The future in the Digital domain is bright. Organizations are competing with each other to make a strong and influential online presence.

With the increasing number of internet users, India has become the second largest nation with the highest number of internet users, after China.

Presently, 481 million Indians are accessing the internet and the statistics are growing day by day. The brands are really enthusiastic to reach all these users to advertise their products and services.

And for this, they want highly skilled digital marketers. Big firms such as Facebook and Google have already set up their offices in India.

As per Marketing Hiring Trends, the demand for skilled digital marketers exceeds supply with 44% of organizations needing to hire more marketers. And It’s high time you took the advantage.

2# Highest paying domain

The immediate result of choosing a career in In-demand industry is that the organizations are willing to pay you well.

The digital domain is rising day by day. Presently, there are numerous job openings in digital marketing field, and not enough skilled professionals to fill the vacancies.

Even big brands such as LinkedIn and Twitter are searching for digital marketing experts. So, certainly because of the wide scope in every sector, Digital jobs are highly paid.

Moreover, you can work as freelancers in your free time to earn additional income.

Here we have listed some jobs with their salary packages.

  • Digital Marketing Executive- 3.5- 4 Lakhs
  • Digital Marketing Expert- 4 Lakhs
  • Pay Per Click Analyst- 3 Lakhs
  • SEO Specialist- 2 Lakhs
  • E-mail Marketing Specialist- 2.5–4 Lakhs
  • Social Media Executive- 3 Lakhs
  • PPC Manager- 5–6 Lakhs

3#  A wide scope of job opportunities

Today every business is shifting into Digital marketing. Business Owners are looking for digital marketing experts to handle their social media, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and Google Ads campaigns.

They are ready to pay a high amount for the positions in the digital domain.

It simply means Digital marketing offers a wide range of career options so that you choose under which domain you want to be an expert.

You can also get in a job with a digital marketing agency, as a social media executive, a PR or advertising company, for example, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and any brand that requires advertising.

4# You can start your own venture

There comes a time when you realize that you can do better if you will start your own business.

With the help of digital marketing strategies and tactics, you can start your own venture.

All you need is a Laptop and a good internet connection. Just kick out the monotonous working schedule and be your own boss with digital marketing.

You can simply start your blog, website or even an online store. If your content is great or your products are amazing then no one can stop you to achieve success.

Moreover, You can even earn some extra income in the digital field by Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing etc.

5# Secured Career

There will be a rise in the calculation of digital jobs in years to come.

If we think to start a career in digital marketing then it is wise. One can prepare for a job role which will be in high demand in coming years.

Before you begin, it is mandatory to have an eye on the required skills and expertise. Taking the right initiative can help you to secure a job position with good salaries in close to future.

So a career in digital marketing domain is not only good in terms of growth and money but also you’ll get a secured career.

6# Offer you flexibility

Digital marketing is a highly flexible domain. No other domains can provide you the freedom to work from anywhere around the corner of the world.

Digital marketing provides you the opportunity to work according to your own time. You can join an organization and can work as a full-time digital marketer or you can even start working as a freelancer for different-different organizations.

Thus, the location isn’t a factor in the digital field.


Digital marketing is a career that has plenty of room for everyone who is highly passionate and wants to experiment with new things.

So, If you running a business or have a good communications background, you can consider going into this field.


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