10 Health Tips To Survive This Sweltering Summer Heat

Beat The Heat

With the arrival of the summer season, we start facing enormous drastic effects. Slowly temperature starts rising exponentially, and our body starts suffering.
Extreme heat may result in various health problems such as heat stroke, dehydration, skin problem and many more. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of our bodies during high temperatures in the summer.
In this post, you will learn various tricks to survive this sweltering summer heat. I have listed down some simple methods to spend the healthy and protected summer season.

  1. Drink Lots Of Water
    You should drink plenty of water during a day. Make it your habit to drink at least two to a glass of water after waking up from your bed.
    Before leaving your house, carry a water bottle so that you can drink water even when you are not at your home. Traveling water filter is also another good option while travelling.
    Usually, our body requires two to three quarts of water in a day. But when the mercury is rising due to hot weather, you should drink more than three quarts of water. Our body produces a massive amount of sweat during the summer.

    This way, our body loses an enormous amount of water and results in dehydration. Therefore, we should drink a lot of water to keep our body hydrated always.

    There is another way to keep your body hydrated which is by install air conditioning Sydney at your home and workplace. It will help in maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels. Thus, reduce sweating and water loss from your body.
  2. Protect Your Body From Overexposure
    During summer, prevent your body from harsh sun rays that can damage your skin. The best way to protect your skin is by wearing a hat and wearing sunscreen before going out. Prefer to use organic sunscreens without the excessive level of chemicals.
    Apply sunscreen lotion on your face, neck, hands, arms, and all other exposed body parts. Prefer to under the shelter and avoid elevated temperatures. If in case, your skin gets burned due to overexposure then apply aloe vera gel on it for a soothing effect.
  3. Enhance Immunity System With Regular Exercise
    You should start doing aerobic activities to keep your heart active and healthy as well. Do light exercise regularly and do a lot of inhaling and exhaling. This process will enhance your lung capacity.
    If you have taken membership of a health club or gym, then go there for regular exercise. Also, go out in fresh air to inhale the maximum amount of oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. It will help in keeping your energy level up.
    During summer it is difficult to go out for regular exercise. Therefore, you practice it ay your home. Maintain right indoor temperature by installing ducted air conditioning Sydney and start doing yoga at your home.
  4. Eat Healthy Food Items
    Avoid eating street food and make diet plant in which add only healthy food items. It is imperative to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. You should eat fresh fruits, raw salads, seasonal vegetables, and drink plenty of water.
    These food items will nourish your body and improve the immunity system of your body. Also, make sure to add healthy protein in your diet and avoid oily food.
  5. Do Proper Skin Care
    Use moisturizers and keep your skin hydrated during summer. Wash your face three times a day to protect it from extreme heat and dust particles. Regular washing your face will keep your skin fresh and free from skin-related diseases.
  6. Limit Alcoholic Beverages
    All of us want to enjoy a good time in summer, but you should avoid drinking alcohol. While going out at a party with your friends, limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
    A high level of intoxication may result in lousy health impacts. Also. Drinking alcoholic drinks under sun rays can dehydrate your body severely.
  7. Nutritional Supplements Intake
    You can receive an abundant amount of energy by eating the proper amount of supplements. Do you know that B-complex vitamins provide relax to your nervous system?
    Moreover, B-complex vitamins are helpful in the generation of cellular energy and some antioxidants. This energy production in our body reduces stress, pollutants, and biochemicals.
  8. Consume Small And Light Meals
    Divide your meal into five times a day! This technique will help in increasing your body’s metabolism rate. You should avoid eating substantial foodstuffs such as oily food, fast food, etc.
    It is difficult for our bodies to digest heavy food items. Fatty and fast food increases the cholesterol level in our body and affects our health severely. You should focus more on light meals such as salad, fruits, juice, drinks, etc.

    Your body can easily digest this kind of food items. You should prefer to eat leafy food vegetables in summer.
  9. Drinks That Hydrate Your Body
    Along with plain water, you can try different types of fluids that will hydrate your body. For example, coconut water, lemonade, water with cucumber slices, decaf iced tea, fruit juice, shakes, etc.
  10. Protect Your Body From Wounds
    While going around the pool or doing any outdoor activity, prefer to wear the right protective equipment. This attire will prevent you from wounds and injuries.


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