10 Advantages of Playing Sports Every Day

Advantages of playing sports every day

Keeping your body fit sounds like you have to spend hours and hours in the gym. Well, sport can be the best alternative for keeping your body in shape. Whether you play cricket, softball, hockey, or football; every sport makes you healthy.

Here are 10 merits of playing sports every day:

Makes your heart happy

Heart diseases are increasing day by day. Your heart muscle is like every other muscle; it improves its functionality when you regularly work on it. Your heart responds better when you do good muscle work. Sports strengthen your heart and prevent it from various heart diseases.

Helps in reducing stress and anxiety

Whether you are a working person or a school kid; stress is cornering you from all sides. According to research, teen kids are facing more stress than an elderly person. As a result, they often get into bad activities like alcohol and drugs. The best way to keep stress and anxiety away from your kid is to engage his free time on sports. Every sport helps with stress reduction. Sports not only reduce stress but also make you more focused. Sports like cricket reduce stress-inducing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. At the same time, it releases endorphin’s that provide a sense of well being.

Social connection

Today lots of people especially kids are suffering from social anxiety. They may chat with their global friends every day but visiting the society park seem difficult to them. Talking to a stranger makes them anxious. Sports club, team and coaching provide a good platform for dealing with social anxiety. Cricket Academy in Gurugram provides excellent cricket coaching as well as helps the kids in confidence-building. People with different backgrounds, ages, and professional play together without judging you.

Better Sleep

Good sleep keeps your soul happy. Today kids spend hours at night playing MMORPGs games and then wake up the next day with a bad mood. But playing cricket for an hour in the evening provides you better sleep so you wake up the next day with a happy and relaxed mood.

Control Blood Pressure

Regular sports or aerobic activities help in controlling your blood pressure. Activities like dancing, swimming, bicycling, running or any sports which keep increases your physical activity helps in controlling blood pressure.


Sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc helps in improving teamwork spirit. If you want to win; you have to work hard with your teammates. If you are lacking at something; your teammate will make you complete. Teamwork skill is crucial for everyone whether you a student or an employee.


Sports also teach you discipline. Sometimes matches get wild. At that time you must have to keep yourself calm. Coaches encourage the players to stay focused even under high pressure. Sports discipline keeps you away from the negative impacts of drugs, smoking, and other harmful activities. It also teaches you time management.


Whenever your teammates or coaches praise you for your performance; your self-confidence gets increased. Even if you unable to perform well at the match; your teammates always accept you which makes you want to perform better in upcoming events.


Spending several hours in solving mathematics makes you puke? Well, studies play a crucial role in our career building. Whether you like it or not; you can’t skip studies. But an hour of your favorite sport keeps your brain fresh and healthy.


If you are too good at sports then why not become a sports player for your country or your favorite club? Making your passion into a career makes your job and life more cheerful.

Sport is the best and most joyful activity to keep your body, mind, and soul happy.


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